We are……Beyond Green!

Praetorian Protective Finishes, since 2003, a leader in the formulation and manufacturing of the innovative cutting edge technology in Semi-Permanent Floor Finishes.

The Praetorian line of urethane finishes (MightyOne and LaMella) are considered ‘Beyond Green’ and the leader in quality for ultra-durable floor finishes.

Praetorian has a focused purpose of redefining and changing an industry to a greener and less costly way to protect VCT, LVT, Epoxy Terrazzo, Ceramic, and Stone surfaces.

Praetorian’s product line includes a complete line of: Urethane and Acrylic Finishes, Removers, and Cleaners

See how you can save on money, cleaning time, and be more ‘green’ in your facility.