LaMella Grout Cleaner

LAG025 LaMella Commercial Grout Cleaner Solution

Green Grout Cleaner, Commercial and IndustrialUniquely formulated for ceramic tile grout cleaning.

LaMella Grout Cleaner is a powerful deep penetrating foaming grout cleaner.  Lamella Grout Cleaner will effectively remove odors from the grout in restroom floors.  LaMella Grout cleaner, when all sealers are properly removed, can restore the grout to the original look. Eliminate the need and expense of recoloring old grout.  Packaged in quarts. Coverage per quart after reduced will clean approximately 600-100 sq. ft. Reduce 1:4

  • Fast-acting, 15 minute dwell and scrub
  • Removes grout odor
  • Restores tile and grout to original color

LAG025 LaMella Grout Cleaner is a powerful and effective grout cleaner for commercial ceramic tile applications. Restore original color with this fast-acting solution.

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Application Areas:

  • Ceramic flooring
  • Commercial and industrial applications


Green Notes: PreCept offers low-odor, zero VOC and MEA-free solutions for healthcare floors. PreCept products offer biodegradable, pH balanced solutions – see product pages for details.

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