Fortius Sealer & Finish

For Recycled Rubber Floor Type

Designed for recycled type rubber flooring. The Fortius Rubber Floor System (Sealer & Matte Finish) is designed to properly adhere to EPDM & SBR rubber, providing long-term durability, functionality, and clean-ability.

High Performance Results:

  • Extreme Bond/Adhesion to Recycled-type Rubber
  • Easy application – Synthetic flat mop head
  • Two coats and done – One Sealer, One Finish
  • Matte Finish to resemble the original rubber look
  • Fast Dry – Sealer dry time about 1 hour, Top coat dry in about 2 hours
  • Extreme Mar Resistance
  • Extreme flexibility – Does not ‘crack’ away from surface
  • Excellent Resistance to chemicals, bodily fluids, and drinks
  • Encapsulates the rubber; reducing odors and irritants could leach from the rubber
  • Faster clean times – Mop glides across surface

Additional Advantages:

  • Pot life 8-10 hours
  • Coverage:
  • Fortius Sealer Kit (CF-0971) 300-600 SF per gallon
  • Fortius Matte Finish Kit (CF-0972) 500-800 SF per gallon
  • Very Low Odor
  • Under 1% VOC’s – CARB Consumer Goods Regulations

*Note: See Praetorian Altus Floor Finish System for vulcanized rubber type floors