StepOne Sealer

CF-0706 Commercial-Industrial Urethane Floor Primer, Gloss Enhancer

StepOne Floor Sealer, Commercial and IndustrialStepONE is a combination  sealer and barrier primer for use when applying MightyOne HD.  StepONE is a critical step before applying MightyOne, allowing for dramatic time savings during future stripping process’.  StepONE also acts as barrier for plasticizer migration from the VCT,  through the MightyOne HD finish, which will cause gloss degradation and can also cause ambering through the finish. StepONE acts as a bonding primer for the MightyOne HD to difficult to adhere to surfaces, such as flexible vinyl’s and laminates.  Apply StepONE Sealer, with a flat-mop, at a spread rate of 1200-1500 sq. ft. per gallon.

StepOne Primer and Gloss Enhancer Advantages:

  • Very low odor
  • Enhances the depth-of-image (DOI) and overall appearance of MightyOne HD
  • Very fast drying

StepOne Sealer and Gloss Enhancer will act as a bonding primer for the MightOne HD for difficult-to-adhere surfaces. StepOne may also be left as a short-term temporary finish.

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Application Areas:

  • Urethane floor finish cleaning solution


Green Notes: PreCept offers low-odor, zero VOC and MEA-free solutions for healthcare floors. PreCept products offer biodegradable, pH balanced solutions – see product pages for details.

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