Stone & Ceramic Floors

Praetorian has created a revolutionary ceramic and stone floor finish system starting with our LaMella Urethane Floor Finish. LaMella system developed solely for stone and ceramic flooring, protects and enhances the flooring with superior durability. LaMella’s average lifespan before re-application is about 12-18 months in high traffic areas. For added slip protection try our TruGrit and our HydroGrip additives.

Our Ceramic Floor Care Products include:


Green InformationGreen Notes: LaMella and PreCept offer low-odor, zero VOC and MEA-free solutions for commercial ceramic tile floors. PreCept products offer biodegradable, pH balanced solutions – see product pages for details.


contact-PPFPraetorian Protective Finishes is proud to offer a variety of system choices for commercial ceramic tile care.
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